About us

About Us

Softtrans logistics was registered and established in August 2002. In January 2010, it re established Shenzhen Softtrans supply chain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Softtrans"), with its headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

Softtrans logistics always adheres to the service concept of "integrity and integrity, innovation and quality, and customer first", insists on the development of its own network resources and the deep integration of high-quality supplier resources, and quickly builds the fastest and best integrated logistics supply chain management solution for customers from logistics storage, transportation, distribution, customs clearance and cross-border links. The intensive mode greatly reduces the logistics cost, and truly achieves efficiency, convenience, safety Low cost logistics service is your most loyal logistics partner.

For many years, Softtrans has focused on customizing "specialized and integrated" third-party logistics services for electronic IT manufacturing enterprises, providing customers with fine to in-depth logistics services from basic logistics, comprehensive logistics to the whole process of LLP, and providing logistics solutions that give consideration to personalization and cost-effectiveness. We have maintained in-depth cooperation with customers to achieve a long-term and effective win-win situation.

With the continuous fierce market competition and the rapid development of information technology, enterprises have concentrated on strengthening their core competitiveness, and logistics outsourcing service has become an inevitable trend. Softtrans has undertaken a series of outsourcing services such as warehousing and logistics of well-known electronic enterprises, and has become the first logistics supplier in South China to provide outsourcing services for the world's top 500 enterprises. In the future, softcom will become the preferred logistics outsourcing service platform for more enterprises.

Softtrans logistics firmly believes in the management concept of synchronization of logistics and technology. For several years, it has been committed to independently developing and improving the logistics tracking system and inventory management system. It not only helps customers to track cargo information conveniently and accurately, but also rapidly and effectively analyzes business data, human resources, Finance (tax), settlement tracking and various early warning big data processing, providing technical support for management decisions; At the same time, softcom attaches great importance to the convenient experience brought by science and technology. Softcom has set up a goods inquiry window on the wechat public platform, so that customers can track the whole process from the departure to the arrival of goods at any time and anywhere, realize the synchronization of people, services and technology, and actively create the corporate image of "science and technology logistics and green logistics".


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