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Corporate Culture

Under the idea of “people-orientation”, Softtrans is committed to mutual development and joint progress with staff, stick to the talent strategy of "cultivated inside & recommended outside ", we have adapted various channels to sort out talents and manage a good platform for staff self-value realization with a general competition rule of “only qualified staff is put onto suitable position”. comprehensive and multi level training system is in place and capacity for independent innovation, development potential, personality and ability are key factors in terms of promotion, despite of employment history in Softtrans and those with outstanding contribution or achievement will be promoted specially. We retain talented staff with career prospect, salary package, and company culture, Therefore, Softtrans has strengthened the strategic goal of the Talents management and built crack team with high level quality and high efficient service.

Team Works Wonder: United, we stand Champion team spirit will be fostered within “Softtrans”, passion, contribution and consecration and pleasure will be cultivated in the pursuit of common goal. Staff diversification will be attended to and individual will be respected and valued. Fairness and respect will be emphasized to each and every staff member. We treat our staff with equity and esteem, and we are pround of our team members who treat our customer, fellow staff, and the company with great care, This’s Softtrans culture!


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