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Wireless disable in several minutes after restarting

Case 1: Fixed the problem by installing a new driver for NIC.

Case 2: the computer is multihomed computer. Disable other NIC fixed the problem.

Case 3: If you have Vista and donít use IPv6, you may disable it.

Case 4: In my case, the ipconfig display the IP is I need to update the firmware on the router.

Case 5: It is wireless security. I switch the security settings from WPA to WEP. That works.


Case 6: I fixed similar issue by changing from the Wireless Mode from 11g to 11b/g.

Case 7: I fixed this problem by disabling "IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network" option under Authentication tab of Wireless connection properties.


Case 8: My problem is the mixed Mode Protection was set RTS/CTS enable. You changed it to CTS-to-self enable.

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